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Qlik Enterprise Partner of the Year

Capital Data Analytics is proud to be recognized for excellence in leveraging industry-leading technology to deliver innovative solutions. With a rich legacy of building trusted partnerships, see how our commitment to people and delivering holistic solutions sets us apart.

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Where are you on your data analytics journey?

Everything we do centers around helping your business find the optimal analytics, data integration and cloud data warehousing solution. Our experts will show you how to connect all your data sources with the ability to analyze, share and promote insights with everyone.

“I like seeing clients’ astonishment when we bring data sources together, creating insightful visualizations they never thought possible.” — Tanaka Carter, Director – Data & Analytics Services

We’re here to help guide you through every step.

Whether that includes architecting your complete data strategy or assisting in one area of need, we identify the best solution for your business requirements. Our experience includes data architecture, analytics, movement, warehousing and machine learning in large-scale, enterprise-wide deployment environments on both mobile and desktop platforms. Working in many different markets, we bring unique insights and innovative ideas to every project.

Enterprise Data Architecture

Build secure and adaptable architecture and enable the use of large data sets from any system. We solve these common problems:

  • Inability to process data in real-time
  • Inability to handle large data volumes and numerous source systems
  • Limited infrastructure to support advanced analytics
  • Inability to meet the business needs quickly and efficiently

We will review your current data architecture and recommend solutions to help you work with large data sets.

  • Analyze current data warehousing platform
  • Understand the need for real-time data processing
  • Recommend infrastructure improvements
  • Utilize best practices in handling data movement

Data Integration

Work with us to accelerate the discoverability of real-time, analytics-ready data. We will perform assessments to recommend the most efficient way to integrate your data.

  • Stream data pipelines with change data capture
  • Automate the process from raw to analytics-ready data
  • Make data accessible with an enterprise data catalog

Data Analytics

Customize real-time data visualizations across your organization. We help you turn data into real business value and empower curiosity-driven exploration for everyone in your organization.

Learn how to get more out of your current BI tool.

  • Develop custom reporting for your specific needs
  • Train you on how to use the tool to build visuals and reports

Or, we can recommend an analytic tool to best meet your needs.

  • Software agnostic, we are always working in your best interest
  • We build the reports and visualizations you need
  • We train you on how to use the tool going forward

We don’t interrupt workflows, we complement them.

Your success is our success. We work to understand your business and retain the knowledge, so we always have a clear starting point if questions or needs arise down the road.

By analyzing and evaluating your current systems, we ensure the right solution is identified and integrated as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

1. Analyze. We start by engaging in discussions with key stakeholders to understand your company. Asking probing questions, we analyze how your business is structuring data and propose correct modeling to meet best practices and enable visible insights.

2. Recommend. We present a recommended solutions list complete with costs, prioritizing needs versus wants, what each component will deliver, and training recommendations.

3. Schedule. Once the solution set is selected, we’ll develop an implementation timeline with clearly identified milestones for all parties.

4. Execute. Configured to your exact specifications, we’ll implement the solution, demonstrate capabilities, and commence training.

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Capital Data Analytics experts accelerate the integration and application of these industry-leading solutions.