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Move your business forward with actionable insights into every operation.

Manufacturing processes are evolving at a rapid rate.

As Industry 4.0 and IoT move manufacturers towards a data-driven approach, staying competitive means constantly improving efficiencies, lowering costs and meeting customer needs faster and better. You have data available at multiple touchpoints, but how much of it is actually useful and understandable?

Discover how you can use data to eliminate guesswork and pinpoint opportunities to truly move your business forward. Capital Data Analytics helps you find the optimal analytics, data integration and cloud data warehousing solution.

Turn data into real business value.

Data is only useful when it’s easy for everyone to access and understand. Capital Data Analytics recommends solutions that bring internal and external data sources together to present real-time visualizations that provide at-a-glance understandings. All to improve and accelerate decision-making.

Harness the power of information from your ERP, SCM, CRM, MES, third-party systems and more. Acquire a business down the road? Rest assured those systems can be connected as well. We have experience working with many leading ERPs including SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics, QAD, and Oracle Cloud.

Improve production and profits with plant insights and comparisons across all locations.

Customized real-time data visualizations yield actionable insights. All so you can uncover opportunities to streamline processes, maximize uptime, reduce operational costs, improve supply chain agility and serve customers better.

Drive cross-functional improvements.

A bird’s-eye view of all your business functions will help you improve communication, collaboration and overall business performance. We bring together data insights from marketing, sales, engineering, customer service, finance and HR.

Optimize equipment and processes.

Production data helps you understand the cost and efficiency of every component in your product lifecycle. Analyze energy usage, material usage and throughput. Whether adding operational efficiencies or optimizing each facility floor, find ways to streamline product flow, improve productivity and more.

  • Production & Quality Visibility
  • Warehouse Optimization & Analysis

Maximize uptime with predictive analytics.

Insights from your machines and equipment will help you gauge effectiveness, maximize uptime, schedule downtime wisely, and reduce operational costs.

  • Machine Utilization & Efficiency Analysis
  • Proactive, not reactive, maintenance

Find ways to reduce cycle time.

Uncover opportunities in your production processes to get orders out the door faster. Drill into data to find areas for improvement, identify trends over time and ensure inventory availability.

  • Process Efficiency Analysis
  • Inventory Management & Analysis

Take costs out of your supply chain.

Get the visibility you need to monitor supply chain health and vendor performance, reduce unexplained inventory and financial losses and control costs. Discover causes and trends for unexpected value-chain disruptions and focus your efforts in the right places to reduce overall risk.

  • End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility
  • Procurement Analysis

Meet customer needs better.

The right data insights will help you sense and respond to shifts in demand proactively to put you ahead of the competition and grow your market share. Customer insights will also help you drive innovation and retain customers.

  • Market Potential Analysis & Demand Forecasting
  • Research & Development
  • Sales & Marketing Analysis

We listen first, then go from there.

Your business is unique because your market and customers are, too. At Capital Data Analytics, we begin by gaining an understanding of your business and specific needs. Then we propose thoughtful solutions that meet best practices and enable actionable insights. Let’s see what kind of data analytics can manufacture success for your business.