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Actionable intelligence—from supply chain to shelf and consideration to cart.

Technology continues to transform the retail landscape

From how consumers search for and buy products, to how orders are packaged, shipped and delivered. With a world of options available at their fingertips, it’s imperative you meet customers at the right time with the right product and price.

Engage customers with real-time actionable intelligence across every channel, including brick and mortar, e-commerce, call center, app and catalog. Drill down into each touchpoint to analyze buying habits and product preferences, improve supply chain operations and more.

Find profitable opportunities with a complete view of your operations.

We help you aggregate data from every source, including your POS, CRM, ERP, WMS, and other internal systems, to present real-time data visualizations that yield meaningful insights. This supports smarter decision-making at every level, elevating efficiencies and improving customer engagement, conversion and retention.

First, our experts analyze your business needs, then apply industry insights and best practices to guide you to the right solution and customize it to your needs. Check out what data analytics can truly drive success for your business.

Recommend, cross-sell and upsell products more effectively.

  • Analyze massive amounts of POS transactional data
  • Identify products frequently bought together and the customer segments buying these products
  • Better understand how to engage each customer and present personalized and timely offers; reduce shopping cart abandonment
  • Analyze what people are or aren’t buying and why
  • Gain deeper knowledge on memberships—what packages are purchased, and what could be improved

Reduce order cycle time.

  • Analyze the cycle time for closing out orders
  • Drill into the data—see what processes are or aren’t working; see which components are taking longer to get out the door and why
  • Boost efficiencies and sales—find areas for improvement, identify trends over time

Optimize inventory and track trends.

  • Track price changes; downturns in product demand; gross profit
  • Minimize lost sales from out-of-stock items
  • Analyze unfulfilled orders—causes, etc.
  • Easily track returns and reasons why to find problems and adjust offerings
  • Identify trends with Year-Over-Year comparisons
  • Compare trends and sales across locations

Know what drives foot traffic to each store.

  • Compare stores side-by-side
  • Use AI to predict sales—taking into account factors like weather and location
  • View customer demographics
  • Consolidate marketing data and analytics to make smarter decisions faster

Improve customer retention.

  • Customer churn—analyze adds/drops per day and trends over time
  • Find opportunities to improve every touchpoint and customer service
  • Retain more customers and turn them into advocates

Get supply chain visibility.

  • Improve fulfillment
  • Combine customer journey and supply chain data to gauge omnichannel performance more effectively
  • Take costs out of your supply chain; reduce shipping and return costs
  • Inventory analytics help employees reduce stock loss and improve inventory management

We work to understand your unique needs.

At Capital Data Analytics, we analyze your business and propose thoughtful solutions that meet best practices and enable actionable insights. With decades of experience implementing successful data and analytics solutions, our team stands ready to help you understand your customers and retail operations in a whole new way.